How to Relieve Itching and Anemia in FSGS

FSGS is a kidney disorder, in which glomeruli become scarred and necrotic. As renal function declines, the patients will experience a myriad of discomforts, in which itching and anemia are very common. How to relieve itching and anemia in FSGS?
Itching in FSGS

Diabetic Kidney Failure with Headache and Protein in Urine

Diabetic kidney failure is one common long-term complication of diabetes. As the kidneys fail to function properly, a myriad of symptoms will appear. Headache and protein in urine are two common signs of

Can Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Eat Hamburger

Can Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Eat HamburgerHamburgers are usually a feature of fast food restaurants. Up to now,it has became the one of the most popular convenient staple foods in the world. 

Why I Was Diagnosed with High Creatinine in IgA Nephropathy

Why I Was Diagnosed with High Creatinine in IgA NephropathyCreatinine is an important indicator of renal function in clinic. It can reflect the renal parenchyma injury more accurately,but it is not a sensitive indicator.

Why was I Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure in IgA Nephropathy

The remaining 5–10% of cases are caused by other conditions that affect the kidneys, arteries, heart or endocrine system. In modern society,more and more people are diagnosed with high blood pressure. Here the article can help you learn more about your disease. You can contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more information quickly and directly for free.

Causes of Minimal Change Disease with Hypoproteinemia

Minimal Change Disease (MCD),or called Lipoid Nephrosis is a kind of common glomerular disease in children. It can be divided into 2 type : primary and secondary. The reasons of primary MCD is not clear;while the reasons

Why Do I Feel Sleepy & Weakness with Kidney Failure Creatinine 2.0

Why Do I Feel Sleepy & Weakness with Kidney Failure Creatinine 2.0Kidney Failure is a kind of chronic,progressing renal parenchyma damage,which may lead to renal atrophy obviously. Then the damaged kidneys can not maintain its basic functions and a series of clinical syndrome will also appear.

Why Do Kidney Failure Patients Have Anemia with Creatinine 3.52

Why Do Kidney Failure Patients Have Anemia with Creatinine 3.52In fact,almost all of Kidney Failure patients may accompanies different degree of anemia. And as the renal function slow down,the anemia will become worse and worse gradually. So why do Kidney Failure patients have anemia with creatinine 3.52?

Foamy Urine & Kidney Failure with Creatinine 2.23

Kidney Failure is not a independent illness,but a series of clinical syndromes caused by various reasons. Patients’ kidneys may be damaged slowly and lose their function gradually and irreversibly. Owing to chronicity and complexity,there are no obvious symptoms and complications in early stage of Kidney Failure.

How to Improve GFR to Avoid Dialysis

How to improve GFR to avoid dialysis?
To improve GFR, a treatment should be applied to restore the impaired kidney tissues and cells. If the kidneys can function more efficiently to filter blood, GFR will be elevated fundamentally.
Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for dialysis patients. This therapy can improve GFR by restoring the impaired kidney structure.


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